2. Write about your name.

Today, let’s dive a little deeper. Writing allows us to take our experiences and turn them into beautiful words. With them, we define and give meaning to the world around us. But how does the first word ever used to describe us relate to our identity? We challenge you to write about your name. Do you think it reflects who you are? How does it feel when people ignore it? Who named you?

My name is Akshinta Das. My name has a certain elements of grace. It comes from a Sanskrit word Akshita which means limitless purity. The name Akshinta is a wonderful refined name. It is a special name that people love. Even though it is a unique name, a little stylish, Akshinta will make it memorable for you.

My name reflects my personality. I am a limitless ball of force. I have really limitless energy and enthusiasm which everyone adores. My personality is amiable, friendly and easy to approach to. I have limitless potential to change my viewpoint and strong leadership qualities.

The name was given to me by my sweet parents. They thought a beautiful name which has limitless power will be suitable for their daughter. So when I was born, I was named Akshinta. My nickname is Aashi. Aashi means smile or pure joy. I spread joy and happiness around.

It gives me a sense of pride. The joy I spread to others gives me happiness and joy. I love helping others in times of need.

I am Akshinta Das a poet,singer-songwriter and performer