A world without gender norms: A Heteronormative Perspective

How did this begin?

This all starts off evolved from the instant we’re born. Doctors wrap us in a blue or crimson blanket to affirm whether or not us healthy into the arena as a woman or a boy. From there, boys should play with vans and weapons at the same time as ladies escape the dolls and Easy-Bake Ovens. From childhood, we set requirements that qualify guys as robust companies and ladies as prone nurturers. Women who aren’t inherently nurturing and guys who display their feelings don’t healthy into those boxes. As a result, society rejects and ostracizes the folks that don’t be given inflexible social norms.

It Assumes That There Are Only Two Genders.

Under heteronormativity, female and male are the only acceptable gender identities. Anything else outside of that is considered “non-binary.”



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