Sexism and Racism in Disney Movies

Early 20’s:Walt Disney Origins

The Silent Era(1923–1928)

Pre- Golden Age(1928–1937)

The political Situation

The Golden Era (1938–1942)

The political situation

Films In the Golden Era

The Composers- Frank Churchill and Larry Morey

Sexism in Snow White

Wartime or Package Film Era (1942–49)

Der Fuhrer’s Face(1943)

Films in the Wartime Era

The Silver or Restoration Era(1950–59)

Films in the Silver Era

The Composers-Tin Pan Alley

Analysis of Lyrics


Lady and the Tramp

Sexism in Cinderella

Lady and the Tramp:

60’s Decline and the Death of Walt Disney(1960–1967)

The Political Situation

The Civil Rights Movement

The Berlin wall

Analysis of lyrics

101 Dalmatians

The Jungle Book

Racism in Jungle Book



The Dark or Bronze Age(1967–1989)

The Political Situation

90’s or the Renaissance

Early 2000’s: Post Renaissance Era (2000–09)





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