Her parents were very poor. They had several children at home. Her father could not provide for the family so they depended on the mother whose only profit came from digging people’s garden in exchange for money. It wasn’t always to sustain them.

This forced Birija to get married early…

Xmas my treat

Casey foundation Blog

Xmas my treat

Casey foundation Blog

Christmas is a time for festivals and joy. It is a time for celebration, peace, and happiness. Many Charities and trusts work on various causes to help children get gifts, especially from low-income backgrounds. Winters, especially when it…

“Flags are a bit of colored cloth that the governments use first to shrink, wrap people’s brains and their ceremonial shrouds to bury the dead”

Her works

The God of Small Things which was her first novel, won the Booker Prize in 1997 which sold over 6 million copies globally…


The theater was founded in 1989. Ma-Yi Theatre is a professional, award-winning, non-for-profit organization whose motto is to produce fresh plays made and produces by Asian American writers. …


Arunachal Pradesh is the largest among the northeastern states where food and culture plays a pivotal part of its cultural heritage. Food involves an important part in Northeast India, and travelers are inquisitive to understand the unknown. …

1. Agrarian change and social transformation amongst the Mizo tribe

No other community could afford a cohesive social order other than the Mizo community. They have a stable social community under the aristocratic government of the chiefs during the pre-colonial era.

Colonialism had not introduce any legislations on land which acted as a force of the social system when the…


Joumana Hadad is a Lebanese poet, translator as well as a journalist and a women’s rights activist. She has also been selected as world’s 100 most powerful Arab women in March 2014 Middle East (position 62) for her cultural and social activism.

She is the head of the Cultural pages…

1. Santhali becomes India’s first tribal language to get a Wikipedia edition in its native script

Santhali has now become the first Indian tribal language to get its first Wikipedia edition in its native script. Santhali is a language, which is part of the Munda subfamily of Austroasiatic language and currently has content of approximately 70,000 words.

The 2001 Census says, that Santhali is written in…


I am Akshinta Das a poet,singer-songwriter and performer

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